More than 40,000,000

words translated per year.

All translated by native experts in the field.

Quality translations

In all languages.

Websites, sworn translations, localization, categorization, and SEO translation

Translation memory

to get significant discounts

Maintain the coherence of your translations across langauges, and never pay for the same thing twice.

More than 25 translators

specialized and at your service

And they all love words. As a general rule.

Multilingual content

We translate to all the languages

English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazillian Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Turkish, and German… or do you prefer Bahasa Indonesian?

And everyone putting QUALITY first.

Excellent translations

Our team of multilingual translators is at your service. We work with native, certified translators with different areas of expertise. Our Project Managers pull everything together to guarantee results and the highest quality standards possible.

24h service

We’re ready to meet your needs for 24 hours per day. Expect immediate responses from our global team.



Support of a Project Manager that guarantees quality and on-time deliveries.


Certified translators

Native translators, technical translators, and sworn translators in every sector. 



We work with every type of format: XLIFF, XML, PO, XSL, IDML, iOS strings, JAVA properties, JSON, Psd, ASP.NET, Code, CSV, MIF, InCopy, Dita, INI, XLS, PPT, Visio, DOC, PDF, RTF, SRT, SVG, TTX, YAML.

Translation memory

Advanced translation memory and translation management system to reduce translation costs for similar content. Maintain the same style and terminology across projects. 

No minimum fees

Got a small text? No problem. We do not charge minimum fees. Your project, whether big or small, is important to us.

Do you need to translate documents or localize websites?

Discover how we can help you with your strategy for digital marketing.

Types of translations

Website localization

SEO translation and transcreation with SEO-SEM analysis


Books and e-books


Technical, marketing, catalogs, press releases, corporate materials, websites, product pages… we have translators and processes for everything.

Neural Machine Translation

And sentiment analysis. Make sure the sentiment of the source is reflected in the target!

Legal translations

Contracts, commercial agreements, terms and conditions, privacy policies, e-commerce notices.


Sworn translators and interpreters

Official translators, all of them.

We translate to/from all languages

Ricaris translates and localizes in all languages.

These are some of the languages we work in the most:

English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Brazillian Portuguese, Catalan, French, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Japanese, Chinese.

Majestic Hotel Group has been a client of Ricaris for four years. And this relationship is strong because the experience is totally satisfactory. To have someone available by email with warmth, speed, and attention to detail makes me feel confident and secure.

Ricaris as a company is punctual, serious, and one in which you can have confidence. It’s also, in turn, fresh, young, and dynamic. The communication is fluid, easy, and simple. It’s a provider that tries to solve problems and not create any. They always offer alternative ideas or ways to improve our processes.

Arantxa Dominguez Garrido, Communication and PR at Majestic Hotel Group

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