More than 10 years making your day!

With more than 10 years of experience, we have helped many companies to grow and expand their operations. We want to help you get that growth, too.


Based in Barcelona, Ricaris was founded in 2009 by three partners: Anna Danés, Maria Janson and Robert Rogge.

The company quickly became the primary provider of content for the largest Spanish web companies who were, at that time, undergoing a period of international expansion and growth. As their clients grew, Ricaris helped their customers with ever more challenges, including customer service, content validation, and translations.

Currently, Ricaris is focused on helping companies with new technologies, like machine learning and artificial intelligence, to achieve scalable projects without losing any of the outstanding quality that has made Ricaris famous in the world of Spanish web companies.



Spanish companies grow internationally.

Ricaris is founded.

Ricaris starts localizing, uploading and optimizing content for websites in France, UK and Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Peru.


Ricaris launches Managing Virtual Teams.


Ricaris expands the translation services: web, legal, certified, catalogues, marketing,…


Ricaris reaches its peak in Language services: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, German.


Ricaris validates more than 5 milion pieces of user generated content.


10 years making your day!


Ricaris starts offering Customer Service in Spanish, French, Italian and English.

Ricaris reaches 82 team members.


Google launches Panda.

Ricaris writes 500.000 SEO optimized pages.


Google launches Penguin.

Ricaris achieves 2.000.000 written Google ads for its clients.


Ricaris teaches companies around the globe how to work with remote teams.


Ricaris reaches 10 million SEO landing pages created.


We bring the “Have a nice day” to everything we do. It means good vibrations, quality relationships, and good will towards all people with honesty, respect, and transparency.

All of this helps us build, each and every day, the Buena Onda and make it present in everything we create.

Our principle value is to humanize labor and expand the Buena Onda at all levels, especially on our own teams, with our clients, partners, and the environment.



Our relations are based on promoting the personal development of people. We listen and value others.


We take responsibility in our activities, not only limiting ourselves to successfully completing objectives, but also adding value in our services.


We take care of our relationships at every level and we try to humanize them with the Buena Onda philosophy.



We know what we are doing and we assimilate the client’s objectives as our own, creating a better service and resulting in client satisfaction.


We look for perfection in everything we do, using our expertise and professionalism to get as close as possible. We do our best.


We are coherent in our thoughts, feelings, actions, and communications. We are conscious that our accions impact our environment.

The Buena Onda is the key to success!

Our team

Ricaris works with professionals in different sectors across the world. We are very proud to work with so many brilliant professionals. 

As a team, we offer our multicultural experience in outsourcing and internationalization together with our own experience.



We use technology to communicate and build solid project infrastructure.

Results & warmth

We work in an environment focused on processes and results, in which we create an atmosphere of team, warmth, and buena onda.

The best team

We can work with people from all over the world, improving the total talent on our team.

Freedom and better work environments

To everyone on our team.

24h service

There is always a Project Manager ready to distribute work or deliver what you need on a global scale.


We have the ability to quickly scale projects to large volumes, even huge volumes.


Super fast

We kick projects off quickly and put processes in order FAST. We start projects in record time, even huge projects.


Experts in virtual communication

We love the virtual world, and actually we are helping companies to manage their own remote teams.

Meet our team

We are a multilingual and multicultural team, and we’re dedicated to your project. Ricaris is headquartered in Spain with more than 80 professionals working everyday, all over the world. 

Our project infrastructure is rock solid.

Ricaris adds value to all the projects in which they participate. Their management abilities, proactivity, ability to work with other teams, and quick adaptation to internal dynamics all stand out above the rest.

María Aragón, Content Manager Jobisjob

Having a dedicated account manager with such warmth, speed, and attention to detail creates security and confidence.

Arantxa Dominguez Garrido, Communication & PR at Majestic Hotel Group

Ricaris has been a fundamental part of the success of our content strategy. More than just offering excellent content services, they understood our company culture and their services helped us to grow on an international level.

Kate Estivill, Content Manager ABA English

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