100% Proactive Team

We’re famous for our problem-solving spirit.

Naturally assertive.

We resolve tickets in 15 languages

with our specialized team.

Always prioritizing the quality of the service.

24/7 Service

across all channels.

We love technology.

Multilingual support

English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazillian Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Turkish, and German… or Bahasa Indonesian if you prefer.

And everything with QUALITY first

We help you grow

Scale up your processes with maximum efficiency via multichannel customer service. Centralize all of your multilingual needs with Ricaris.

Email Customer Service

With the tools that you prefer

Social Media Support

Live chats, bots, Whatsapp y SMS

Assistance in communities 

User reviews, forums, and other communities


Live phone calls and IVR Call Center (Interactive Voice Response Representative)

Online Support

Web Support y Product Support

Test the advantages of working with our multilingual customer service team

Concentrate on your CORE business without losing information about your users and clients

Continuous feedback loops with your team

Together, we analyze common questions so your product, design, and documentation teams can improve the user experience and reduce the number of help requests.

The mirror-image of your culture

We try to understand and learn the style of communication you use within your company.


We understand your business model

Our service is oriented toward problem-solving, and features skills in e-commerce and other business models.

Multilingual team

Helps you centralize your customer service operations around a single provider and point of contact.

Maximum efficiency

We offer personalized customer service to your clients while also being extremely efficient.

We adapt to your software

We have knowledge and experience with different Help Desk software and chat environments.

10 years of experience

Take advantage of our 10 years of experience in Global Outsourcing and Customer Service.


Experts in virtual communication

Digital communication of all kinds, including internal communications, is our thing.

Our experience with Ricaris is very positive, with great quality, punctual deliveries, and maximum flexibility to adapt to different processes and contexts. Ricaris adds value to all the projects in which they participate. Their management abilities, proactivity, ability to work with other teams, and quick adaptation to internal dynamics all stand out above the rest.

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