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Ricaris offers an integrated and complete line of services, and for this reason we count on partners who are aligned with our philosophy to help us offer great services.

We are convinced that knowledge is for sharing and that by activating synergies, you can achieve great things.

We are better together! We can achieve more that way!

In order to increase our areas of knowledge and offer better services, Ricaris is open to working with companies who specialize in:

Design and web development

Web design, development, and user experience.


Technical consultation on internationalization and global strategy.


SEO consultancies and digital marketing.

Our goal is to expand our services and those of our partners. 

Being a Ricaris partner opens the possibility of expanding the services you currently offer to your clients while also accessing our clients when the fit is right. Our partners can count on special conditions on any projects we run for you or your clients.


Hmm… want to go out with us?

Our partners

Chatbots and technology for customer service

Jim Collective and Ricaris, with similar company philosophies, bring their talent and capabilities together to increase their potential. Together, they create synergies on Customer Service via their advanced technologies and excellent customer service. Thanks to the chatbot expertise at Jim Collective and the customer service expertise at Ricaris, these two companies offer a completely modern, integrated approach to Customer Service.

Scraping and web development

We work with Volcanic and their web development team to extract information from webs using their automatic software that simulates a web browser and acquires the information to be treated and organized afterward according to your needs.


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