40,000,000+ words

translated every year

by our professional translators.

Every language has its pair...

So do our translations.

Let our dedicated translation teams get to work for you.

Translation memory

to offer you discounts.

Maintain coherence and never pay for the same thing twice.

25+ professional translators

ready for your next project.

They’re passionate about words and know how to get them just right.

Native-quality translation

in all language pairs.

Make your content multilingual and expand your reach naturally.

Quality first

Ahead of everything else

to ensure your satisfaction.

Professional Translation

We work with native, certified translators with different areas of expertise. No project is too big and no article too small.

24h service

Our global team is ready to assist you 24 hours a day. No matter when or where, one of our experts will be available to tend to your needs.


Personalized Support

A dedicated project manager will guarantee the quality and timeliness of all deliveries. They manage everything so that you can receive high-quality results on time.


Certified translators

Our team of multilingual translators is at your service, offering native-quality, technical, and sworn translations backed up by industry expertise and specialization.


File Formats

We’re able to work with any type of format, including: ASP.NET, CODE, CSV, DITA, DOC, IDML, InCopy, INI, iOS strings, Java properties, JSON, MIF, PDF, PO, PPT, PSD, RTF, SRT, SVG, TTX, Visio, XLIFF, XLS, XML, XSL, and YAML.

Translation memory

Our specialized translation services use advanced translation memory to maintain the same style and terminology across projects while reducing the translation costs for similar content.

No minimum fees

Your project – no matter its volume – is important to us. Do you have a few articles or documents you need to translate? No problem! We have no minimum fees, so even small projects get our maximum attention.

Do you have documents to translate or a website to localize?

Translation Types

We pride ourselves on having a dedicated team of professionals for each type of translation, giving us the ability to fulfill the specific requirements that each project brings with it.


Is your website expanding into new markets? Do you want to offer new languages for your current audience? Our native translators will localize and translate your website accordingly.

SEO translation

SEO is a must for any company that has an online presence. We’re proud to offer SEO translation and transcreation with SEO-SEM analysis.


Our professional translators bring unique insights about their native languages and cultures. They know how to localize your content in a way your audience can relate to.

Books and e-books

Whether long or short, physical or digital, our specialized translation services will take your book and translate it into the language(s) of your choice.


Translations come in all shapes and sizes. We have expertise in technical, marketing, catalog, press release, corporate material, website, and product page translation, among others.

Neural Machine Translation

When paired with sentiment analysis, neural machine translation is a powerful asset to make sure that the meanings and feelings behind the source text are reflected in the target.

Legal translations

Our legal translation expertise ranges from general contracts to commercial agreements, terms and conditions, privacy policies, eCommerce notices, and more.


Sworn translators

For administrative, academic, or governmental documents, sworn translations are necessary. Our team of professionals includes both sworn translators and sworn interpreters for face-to-face encounters.

We work with all language pairs

Thanks to its global reach, Ricaris can translate and localize in any language combination.

These are some of the languages we often work with:

English, French, Spanish (European and Latin American), Catalan, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian and European), Danish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish,  Russian, Swedish, and Turkish.


Ready to reach a global audience?

“Majestic Hotel Group has been a client of Ricaris for four years. And this relationship is strong because the experience is totally satisfactory. To have someone available by email with warmth, speed, and attention to detail makes me feel confident and secure.

Ricaris as a company is punctual, serious, and one in which you can have confidence. It’s also, in turn, fresh, young, and dynamic. The communication is fluid, easy, and simple. It’s a provider that tries to solve problems and not create any. They always offer alternative ideas or ways to improve our processes.”

Arantxa Dominguez Garrido, Communication and PR at Majestic Hotel Group

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